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DHS EAGLE II – FC2 Quality Assurance Program


Team TMR believes there are three substantive areas which require quality planning for delivery of products and services: the Client, the Contract, and Project Delivery. Executive Managers, Project Managers, Quality Managers, and Quality Assurance Partners all accept responsibilities and ownership at various levels throughout the process to ensure ownership and execution in compliance with Team TMR's standards. Each project is assigned a Quality Assurance Partner focused on providing objective evaluation of the overall quality of the processes and products through Team TMR's Quality Assurance Evaluation Process. Team TMR demonstrates its commitment to quality through:
  • ISO 9001-2008 Quality Assurance and Management and SEI CMMI Level 2 certified systems engineering and management processes
  • Project Management Institute’s PMBOK® Industry best practices
  • Earned Value Management (EVM) techniques
Success in supporting Government contracts is not solely based on technical capabilities and the availability of qualified personnel; it is based on a solid ISO 9001/2008 Quality Control (QC) Program. TMR’s QC program uses a powerful approach that has been successfully applied to numerous projects. The principles of our QC program include: the precise and timely application of well managed processes, performance metrics, and rigorous compliance with TMR best practices and standards; competent staff with requisite knowledge, skills and experience; and a trusted partner relationship to include clear communications with the customer. The TMR QC processes and procedures are based on our ISO 9001:2008, ITIL V3, and SEI CMMI Level 2 compliant processes. We apply the results of our QC activities and measurements to assess all aspects of our performance service quality.
Every Task Order Team TMR executes will incorporate a Quality Control (QC) plan based on TMR certified ISO 9001/2008 processes and procedures. The QC plan defines the key performance measures, schedule reviews, and resources. The requirements of the Task Order drive the actual measurements and their frequency. These metrics must address risk identification and mitigation in order to form the foundation for the project performance metrics. By linking QC measurements to project performance metrics and ultimately back to risk/tradeoff assessment, knowledge of critical failure points and critical success factors is institutionalized into the project management plan. Day to day QC activities will be performed at the Task Order level. To ensure an objective assessment of performance, independent quality control assessments will be performed by the PM. By performing this independent assessment at the highest level, lessons learned on TO’s can be shared across all Task Orders. TMR will apply tailored surveillance methodologies to the quality control elements that accurately assess performance. The principal elements and benefits of Team TMR’s QC Plan, along with surveillance methodologies are: 
 Team TMR’s Quality Control Plan
Quality Control Elements
Benefit to DHS EAGLE II
Surveillance Methodology / Tool
Quality Control (QC) Planning
Contract level PM and TOM work with the Government to ensure an understanding of the requirements and develop mutually understood expectations
Quality Control Plan
Analysis of QC Metrics
Personnel Evaluation and Assignment
TOM will select the employee(s) with the most relevant knowledge and skills to perform program assignments. Tailored performance metrics will be defined to monitor and assess progress throughout the Task Order
Staffing / Training Plans
Performance Appraisals
Resource Planning & Utilization
TOM and TMR Corporate Staff will ensure that adequate resources are made available to the Task Order
Staffing Plan
Customer Surveys
Performance Review
TMR CEO, PM and TOM will conduct on-going reviews of contract and Task Order performance and staff performance to ensure performance standards are met or exceeded. 
Program Reviews
Subcontractor Reviews
Customer Surveys
Reward and Recognition
Team TMR recognition programs provide incentives to personnel to perform above the standards and expectations
Employee Surveys
Retention data
Customer Feedback
The PM will schedule quarterly Quality Control meetings with the DHS EAGLE II Government PM and designated staff. 
Customer Surveys
Customer Meetings
Team TMR will provide easy access to EAGLE II reports. Our Team will comply with all contract requirements for reporting deliverables and required by individual Task Orders. Our preferred method of communication is face-to-face meetings, over time we have found that this method leads to better government/contractor working relationships, faster issue resolution, and increased client satisfaction. In addition, all status reports will be maintained and available to DHS and EAGLE II users through our dedicated Team TMR EAGLE II Web Portal. The portal will include appropriate security access controls. It will also include Program and TO executive level dashboards. The portal will be available via a link from the main TMR EAGLE II Web. Reports include:
Team TMR EAGLE II Contract Reporting
EAGLE II Reporting
Contract Status Report
Monthly – by the 15th
In-person, Electronic and Portal
Task Order Status Report
As specified in individual Task Orders
In-person, Electronic and Portal
Annual Small Business 50% Report
In-person, Electronic and Portal
Re-representation of Small Business Size Status Report
As Required
In-person, Electronic and Portal
Task Order-Specific Deliverables
As Required
In-person, Electronic and Portal
DHS will receive maximum project monitoring and quality control through TMR's clearly defined Quality Control Plan and processes