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Is There a Career for You?

TMR's corporate culture is shaped by all of its employees who are strengthening the company to support new clients, adopt new and evolving technologies, and develop new professional and inter-personal partnerships. TMR believes its best asset resides in the collective strength of its employees. We support investing in our employees to nourish their growth, education; subsequently, helping each individual employee flourish to their maximum potential. TMR's future is directly connected to the health, happiness, and welfare of its employees.

TMR is an equal opportunity employer. TMR is a woman-owned company that values the strength and character that diversity brings. As an information technology organization, we offer an environment that fosters innovation and rewards success. At TMR, we are always looking out for well-qualified professional candidates who share our passion and dedication for excellence.

TMR has developed a unique benefits package focused on the needs of the employee. TMR salaries are competitive for the market and in line with accepted Government rates. TMR operates in a very competitive market against many larger, well-known consulting firms; this "lean and mean" strategy helps TMR maintain a solid foundation during its growth years while its client list expands. In the future, this strategy will provide TMR reliable grounds to direct its operations and capitalize on its successes.