Relevant Past Performance Experience Summaries OLD

Department of Homeland Security, Office of Procurement Operations Enterprise Architecture (EA), Governance, Program Management, and IT Acquisition Review:

Enterprise Architecture (EA), governance, program management, and IT acquisition review support to DHS. TMR provided business and technical management services to DHS for development, implementation, and continuous improvement of projects across the DHS IT enterprise. The IT support services we provided to the DHS OCIO are identical to those anticipated under the DHS EAGLE II FC-2 contract and include documenting and maintaining Departmental decisions pertaining to agency policies, procurement, business operations, investment reviews, IT policy governance, and IT process improvements. We supported interdepartmental outreach and communications to develop directives for organizational and operational functions and we prepared draft OMB/GSA/official congressional responses when necessary to support the DHS OCIO EA initiatives. TMR staff provided executive-level administrative support to the Chief Information Officer (CIO); Deputy, CIO; Chief of Staff; Director, Infrastructure Operations; Director, Applied Technology; Director, Security Operations; Director, Enterprise Business Management; and other senior executives; Performed document reviews, identified resource requirements, monitored change and project close-out; Coordinated with other federal agencies and public and private sector entities on enterprise-wide IT programs and projects to enhance the effectiveness of the OCIO in implementing programs in support of the DHS mission. TMR staff members work directly with the 22 DHS Components to create an environment that focuses on creating forums to communicate decisions and requirements throughout the Department to ensure that IT plans, solutions, and investments align with the DHS IT Enterprise Architecture and strategic objectives.

DHS OCIO Favorable Experience:

EA and IT Governance were new concepts being introduced to a new Agency consisting of components with varying missions, goals & objectives, processes, and IT infrastructures transitioned from other Federal agencies, like DOJ. A major challenge for the DHS OCIO and TMR was to develop and institutionalize EA Center of Excellence processes and procedures across DHS. TMR has been instrumental in developing the policy, process, and recommendation for IT Acquisitions for the Department, Critical Design and Production Readiness Reviews, and IV&V analysis. TMR automated the EA process allowing procurement requests to be easily matched with existing technologies and simplified program alignments with existing resources. This system was successful and provided a proof-of-concept for DHS to develop a more robust EA and IT Governance system based on innovative use of automation.

DOD/OSD Pentagon IT Governance:

TMR provided business and technical management services that assist in the development, implementation, and improvement of policies, procedures, directives, and architectures for Pentagon Area Enterprise Common IT (CIT). Our efforts ensure that 25,000 Pentagon CIT users comply with process requirements and operate within the enterprise in an efficient, effective, and secure manner. Our staff provided technical engineering support to the Department of Defense OSD NII/DoD CIO and the Director Administration and Management (DA&M) to ensure the implementation and O&M of the Pentagon IT Enterprise is consistent with Federal, DoD, and Pentagon policies and guidance, while meeting the needs of the Department.

OSD Director of Pentagon IT Governance Favorable Experience:

The OSD Director of Pentagon IT Governance relied on TMR staff working together with federal employees and other government contractors to provide strategic and tactical planning and operational oversight for all Enterprise Common IT capabilities and initiatives in the Pentagon Area. We worked with the Pentagon community to develop requirements, architecture, and resource management processes that allow the community to develop cost effective and efficient solution alternatives that support critical business and mission needs while complying with Federal and DoD requirements. The results of our collaboration included significant cost savings, cost avoidance, and increased information sharing across the Federal, DoD, and Pentagon enterprises. A key benefit in developing the PAIS Governance process is changing the culture of the organizations in the Pentagon at the strategic, tactical and operational levels. Our staff works with all of the Pentagon HQ CIOs as well as the Service CIOs to vet and reach consensus on requirements, policies, and funding strategies.

Exceptional Software Strategies NSA ELINT Modernization Program:

The Exceptional Software Strategies ELINT Modernization program is an Acquisition Category 1 (ACAT 1) program managed by the NSA with the objective to take 10 ELINT programs at various stages of development and combine them into one program, eliminating redundant efforts and filling in performance gaps. ESS provides day-to-day coordination, tracking, and support to not only complete the project, but also successfully guide the program through the DoD 5000 process and pass milestone B as well as support in combining current, funded, independent ELINT programs and merging them into a single architecture where they could all work together and share mission information more effectively. ESS evaluates dozens of existing tools across multiple organizations to produce a modernized set of tools, a common ELINT Data Model with improved signal processing and large distributed storage systems. All of this was performed in compliance with the DoD 5000 Process and resulted in an integrated modernization program that combined old systems with new technology and strategies to design a modern ELINT Architecture.

NSA Favorable Experience:

Exceptional Software's leadership, program support, and guidance helped the government understand both the applicability and the benefits of the process. The attention to detail in following the process and providing documentation resulted in program success and justification for additional funds to ensure that program milestones were achieved. The customer's funding organization accepted and approved the additional funding request that was initially received and summarily dismissed by the customer. The PMO recognized a more comprehensive understanding of the value and benefits of following the DoD 5000 process in the program deployment. ESS provided the leadership, program support, and necessary understanding to help the NSA understand both the applicability and the benefits of the process. ESS staff’s attention to detail in following the process and providing documentation resulted in program success and justification for additional funds to ensure that program milestones were achieved. ESS staff performed a key role on the Architecture Team for ELINT Modernization effort evaluating As-Is documentation for legacy systems and participating in the development of To-Be designs, gap analyses, requirements development, policy governance, and supporting DoD 5000 process documentation.

DHS TSA Transportation Threat Assessment and Credentialing Infrastructure Modernization (TIMS) Program Office:

The Loch Harbour Group is providing complete programmatic support to the DHS Transportation Threat Assessment and Credentialing Infrastructure Modernization (TIMS) Program Office including technical, financial, compliance and documentation activities and interacts with multiple agencies. The TIMS program integrates seven stovepipe systems that contain data on government and non-government individuals who require access to transportation facilities into a single enterprise information management system; as such the PMO support requires comprehensive and very interaction with each of the seven system owners. LHG staff work in collaboration with DHS staff and other government contractors to provide all disciplines of program support and technical management support for this major consolidation and business transformation program including support the development and maintenance of briefing slides, presentations, and work products in support of the program lifecycle review gates in accordance with TSA Program Acquisition Guidelines.

DHS Favorable Experience:

To meet DHS system acquisition milestones, LHG initiated the development of program documentation as soon as the programs were established. Creating initial versions of the required documents is frequently more time consuming than planned and accelerating the process with a fixed staff size is very difficult. The LHG approach mitigated unseen development problems in an integration/replacement of multiple, stove-pipe systems and resulted in a higher level of specificity in procurement documents than most program managers expect. DHS has recognized the LHG approach to conducting analysis, providing program coordination, and early preparation of documentation has resulted in better acquisition milestone performance.