Who We Support

These are the Agencies and Commands that TMR has successfully supported.   

Department of Homeland Security<br>
Officer of the Procurement Officer<br>
Information Systems Security Officer – BPA<br>
Contract# 70RTAC21A00000013
Components Services Provided
Domestic Nuclear Detection Office
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Immigration Data Integration Initiative
National Protection and Programs Directorate now Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency
Office of Chief Information Officer
Office of Chief Procurement Officer
Office of Chief Security Officer
Transportation Security Administration
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
United States Coast Guard
Asset Management and Provisioning Support
Business Analysis
Business Process Re-Engineering/Process Improvement
Capital Planning and Investment
Cyber Security & Cybersecurity Training
Data Governance/Management
Enterprise Architecture & Architecture Data Repository Services
Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12
Information Systems Security Officers
Information Technology Acquisition Review
Information Technology Governance
Information Technology Support Services
Law Enforcement Analysis, Reporting and Data Analysis Services
Oracle and Microsoft Support Services
Portfolio Management
Program/Project Management
Strategy/Strategic Planning
Systems Administration
Agencies Services Provided
United States Special Operations Command
United States Army
- United States Army Customer Relations Cell
- Army Test & Evaluation Command
- Defense Commissary Agency
United States Air Force
- Air Force Network Integration Center
United States Navy
- Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division
- U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S. Fourth Fleet
Defense Information Systems Agency
Defense Logistics Agency
Administrative & Maintenance Logistics Support Services
Application/Software Management Support
Assessment & Authorization (A&A)
Audio-Video/Video Teleconference
Embedded System Administration
Enterprise Systems/Network Operations
Helpdesk/Service Desk Support
Information Assurance/Cyber Security
Information Technology Infrastructure
Integration and Systems Engineering
Logistics & Asset Management Support
Program/Project Management Services
Web Design
Agencies Services Provided
Office of Justice Programs
- Office of Chief Information Officer
Drug Enforcement Administration
Justice Management Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation
- Office of Public Affairs
- Cyber Division
- Office of the Chief Information Officer
Service Desk Support
End-User Services
Infrastructure Support
Engineering Support
Executive-Level Administrative Support
Graphic/Visual Designer
Enterprise License Agreement Management
Budget Forecasting
Data Analytics Support
Agencies Services Provided
Internal Revenue Services
- Solution Engineering Division of Enterprise Services
Data Integration and Reporting
Data Strategy/Visualization
Enterprise Services, Solution Engineering
Integrated Enterprise Portal & Employee User Portal Support
Project Management Services
Return Review Program
Solution Architecture
Agencies Services Provided
Bureau of Information Resources ManagementEnterprise Licensing and Strategic Sourcing Support
Information Technology Change Control Board
Video Teleconferencing Support
Field Services Engineering Team, OCONUS
Anti-Virus Infrastructure
Accessible Computer/Communication Technology
Agencies Services Provided
Defense Intelligence Agency
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Cyber Security
Enterprise Data Governance Support
Help/Service Desk Support
Agencies Services Provided
Office of Chief Information Officer Client Experience CenterCentralized Help Desk
System Requirements