Cyber Security/Security Assessment/Analysis

Ensuring a secure, available, reliable, scalable, highly performing system of hardware and operating system failover is a focal point of the IT community. TMR supports risk analysis, design and/or upgrade, implementation, test of Intrusion Detection Systems, and procurement of security monitoring software in our efforts to provide redundant protection. Securing your enterprise is about more than simply avoiding costly attacks and locking-down systems— it's about trust.
Compliance with regulations, proliferation of potential threats, and a growing remote, mobile workforce are challenging organizations to discover vulnerabilities and take measures to manage them. The constant barrage of disruptive, costly external attacks and a growing number of threats inside the environment are forcing organizations to improve protection of vital assets.
TMR makes an assessment of security risks and recommends available solutions and alternatives. TMR supports our customers with identification and tracking of problem areas, providing liaison between the Government and vendors.