Network and Systems Administration

Reliability is the key consideration in all phases of work, as most systems cannot incur outages. Reliable operations of enterprise networks are no longer just a business utility— it has become a necessity for business survival. An effective IT infrastructure is key to obtaining information faster, from more sources. Reliability has and will continue to add complexity to Network and System Administration responsibilities.
TMR provides a full array of local-area network and wide-area network (LAN/WAN) design, implementation, and management services. Our network administration and support services help ensure our customers have robust, reliable, secure and cost-efficient communication systems. TMR engineers assist in all phases, which include designing new systems, server setup and configuration, application and data migration from legacy servers, system testing and training, performance monitoring, problem resolution, disaster recovery, backup and restore, storage and hardware and software maintenance to network security.
The IT revolution is being driven by demands for faster network access, more bandwidth, "net-centric" computing and new multimedia application. New computing platforms and enterprise-wide applications promise a more agile, and complex enterprise environments for businesses; installing, upgrading, and maintaining these complex systems are often a daunting task.

Network and systems administration:

  • Relies on our proven system administration practices
  • Ensures robust, reliable, secure, and cost-effective communications systems
  • Ensures high-availability and accessibility of critical enterprise services by users