Operations and Support

Desktop computers have become a productivity tool for companies and end users alike. Many employees cannot function effectively without a computer. Unfortunately, desktop computers have also become increasingly more complex to support and maintain. TMR's primary focus in Help Desk support is to utilize tools and highly qualified personnel to solve user problems on the first call or ensure user problems are escalated and resolved within an appropriate time frame. TMR staffs its Help Desks with certified personnel who have varying skill sets in areas of hardware systems and software packages.
If employees perceive the Help Desk as unresponsive or ineffective, the company is being hurt. TMR's Help Desk approach stresses the proactive use of automated tools to identify and resolve problems before they affect end-users. When problems do occur, we provide rapid responsive support. TMR's Help Desk Team adheres to the following common operating standards and principles for providing 24/7 help desk services.
TMR's Help Desk services redefine traditional help desks to minimize support costs and ensure high levels of user satisfaction, enhance productivity, and effectively use resources.

Highly qualified and certified personnel who focuses on meeting customer satisfaction:

  • Rapid and responsive support
  • Proven methods for call escalation
  • High levels of user satisfaction

TMR Operations & Support Pledge

  • Use proven methods for call escalation to ensure that calls are routed to the right resource— the first time and every time
  • Resolve problems on the first call and minimize the need to dispatch personnel to the customer site
  • Employ highly qualified, certified, and courteous Help Desk personnel
  • Work cooperatively with Agency's staff to resolve day-to-day problems